Note: If you want to learn more about the author, check out his personal website. But if you want to learn the origin story of this newsletter, then keep reading.

How did the Salty Tako start?

I always enjoyed writing, but I use to just write for myself as a way to reflect and document the things I am learning.

That changed when I got invited to a private Slack channel in February 2021.

The channel was filled with entrepreneurial people that work hard and enjoy helping others, and the majority of them also have a YouTube channel or a blog.

Two of them in particular really inspired me to start this blog.

First, there was RJ Youngling that called out my BS excuses for not starting a blog.

He said, "Don’t worry about the quality or anything, just get going and improve as you go."

Next, there was Eric Lee. He writes a newsletter called "Savvy Saturdays".

Eric works as a software engineer in the daytime, but despite his hectic schedule, he has been publishing an article every Saturday on his newsletter for more than a year.

As a software engineer myself, seeing someone similar to me putting out content consistently made me feel like I can do it too.

So here I am, writing a newsletter on business, self-improvement, and other random experiments I am conducting.

And I hope this unusual About page inspired you to take action on something you have been putting off.


George Chu
Web Jedi | Marketing Enthusiast | Value Investor