Bad Things Can Happen — How to Prepare for It Like a Navy Seal.

There is always a chance something bad can happen to you.

Even staying at home and not coming out doesn’t solve the problem. There is still a chance your home can get burglarized.

According to the FBI Crime Report, over 1.1 million homes in the U.S were burglarized in 2019.

Do you want to be really safe?

The best way is to go build a bunker in the middle of nowhere and make sure to bring enough food and water supplies.

But if you don't want to live in a bunker for the rest of your life, you have to be willing to tolerate a small level of risk.

I recently learned that just because things can go wrong doesn't mean you should spend all your time thinking about how things can wrong.

In a video clip, Simon Sinek talked about how expert skiers are able to navigate through trees in the snow.

Expert skiers know that if they tell themselves "don’t hit the tree, don’t hit the tree," they will probably end up hitting a tree because all they can see are trees. But if they tell themselves "follow the path, follow the path," then they will be able to make it through the trees because all they are seeing is the path forward.

Navy SEALs go on some of the most dangerous missions in the world, and they are much more likely to run into bad situations than an average person. How do they prepare for their missions?

They don't spend all their time thinking about how things can go wrong.

According to Rich Diviney, former Navy SEAL, here is what they do instead:

  1. They plan the mission as they like it to go, and inside of that plan, they build contingencies.

  2. They get to 80% certainty and recognize that the other 20% is just outside of their control.

  3. They understand they can't figure out everything beforehand. There's always a chance that something can go wrong that they haven't thought of.

  4. That's where confidence comes in. If something bad happens that falls into that 20% category, they have the confidence to figure it out on the spot.

Give the Navy SEAL method a try next time you get anxious about an upcoming event.

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