I Swam Too Far and Almost Didn't Make It Back to Shore

1.4 miles away from the beach I realized I was in a predicament.

I had underestimated how much energy it would take to swim out this far.

And I didn't know if I could make it back.

I went with some friends to go snorkeling few weeks ago, and I cluelessly followed them to the further side of the ocean.

The view was awesome.

We saw a lot of fishes.

But I was low on energy.

It felt like my phone was on 3% battery, and I forgot where I last left my charger.

I panicked and started swimming.

I swam, swam, and swam. And I stopped.

My head was in the waters.

I floated sluggishly.

I was tired.

Little bubbles floated to the top from my snorkeling tube.

Then I realized something.

It was impossible for me to get back to shore if I just kept swimming and swimming without stopping.

But if I swim, take a break, swim, take a break, and repeat the cycle, then I can probably make it back to the beach eventually.

I think many people grind and grind with stopping, and this causes them to burn out.

Taking frequent breaks and recharging will help you pursue long-term goals without burning out.

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Thanks for reading!

-George 🐙