You Recover Faster When You Are Young

Sprained my right knee while swimming in 2020

That's what I get for not warming up...

It was one of those knee sprains that didn't heal properly on its own.

My doctor said, "Wait a couple of months, and see if it heals first."

It didn't.

He referred me to a physical therapist who scheduled me for a 12-week treatment.

I was 90% recovered in 3 weeks.

The physical therapist said, "Wow I can't believe you recovered so quickly! It must be good to be young."

She told me I didn't have to come in for the rest of the treatment and gave me a set of exercises to practice at home.

A lot of my friends between the age of 22 - 30 complain about how old they've gotten.

I'm still feeling quite young, and I'm definitely going to take more advantage of that fact.


  1. If you are older than 25, stretch and warm-up before you exercise.

  2. If you are younger than 30, take BIGGER risks because you'll recover more quickly if things don't work.

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-George 🐙